Two-bedroom apartment in Habiblar neighborhood

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FROM $90,000


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° Two-bedroom apartment in the city of #Antalya, #Kepez area, specifically (Gunesh Mahalasi)
° Includes public transportation and recreational services
° Commercial markets around the clock
° Close to shops, banks and hospitals
- Features of the complex:
° Surveillance cameras 24 hours a day.
° Private garage for cars.
- Extra features
° Distance from the center 4 km
° Distance from the sea 12 km
° Distance from the airport 5 km
° Distance from the university 10 km
° The nearest school is 300 meters
° The nearest health center is 1000 m
° The nearest commercial market 0 m
° Nearest bus stop 0 m
Available apartments in the building
• Two rooms and a hall with an area of ​​100 meters
The price of the apartment is 85,000 dollars
Apartment Features
• two bathrooms
• Large areas and thoughtful divisions to exploit the entire space in a way that suits the family
• Gypsum board decorations for ceilings
• Windows with double glazing for noise insulation
• Parquet floors of the first type
• Ceramic bathrooms
• Balcony with a beautiful view.

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 • Answer all your inquiries with detailed explanation, attached in the image files and video clips. 📷📹
 • Reception from the airport and escorting you to your place of residence (three free days) in the finest hotels.
 • Exploration tours on the most important landmarks of Antalya and on the most important real estate and investment projects.🏤🏡
 Organizing sales contracts and following up all transaction procedures until receiving the title deed under the supervision of legal specialists and sworn translators. 📝📋
• The transaction of obtaining the residence permit for the buyer in full and for all family members until receipt and delivery to and from the Immigration Department 📩✔
• Tours of furniture stores for those wishing to furnish their homes upon purchase. 🛋🛏🚪
• Documenting and coordinating investment contracts for those who wish to invest.📄📄
• Establishing commercial companies for those who wish to obtain residency and permission to work. 💳📑
• Treatment of Turkish citizenship for those wishing to invest for citizenship and the cost of all required procedures. 📥📥
° Antalya Crown: does not charge fees for the services we provide to clients.

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